Continuing further, I added more options in As described in earlier posts, the current implementation of wiki_login.m has the JAVA’s interface to Octave in use and I need to replace it with Octave’s own implementation. So, I’ve taken two steps in this direction. Now a user is able to retrieve token when he executes wiki_login AND use the cookies that are set in a temporary .txt file to login into the api.php wiki. Currently, there’s a problem in logging in, because the following cookies are unable to get added, octave_org_session, octave_orgUserID, octave_orgUserName, octave_orgToken. I got to know about these cookies when I tried to execute the curl-cli commands for logging in.

I also understood how the HAVE_CURL macro encapsulates the curl_transfer class, i.e, if curl is available in a machine, then this class exists, else not. HAVE_CURL is a macro that is set during ./configure stage of building the software. I will be extending my work in this class essentially in the coming week.

I’ve also added the files in their appropriate directories.

A new dummy wiki has been created by Kai for testing purposes. I’ll be using this from now on.

Link to BitBucket repo.