Hi, this is Sahil. Glad that you're here. Please don't hesitate navigating around. Help yourself with the links in the upper right corner to know more. Thanks!

You may want to check my weekly reports or full summary at the upper right "GSoC 2018" corner. Alternatively, to view the actual code that I wrote/changed, head to the end of the first (GSoC Summary) post on that page.

I made this open source textWatcher class for android (API >= 16) for Canadian Phone Number format (+1 (XXX) XXX-XXXX) sometime back.

I also did some work on basic learning of LAMP stack with this project of School Management Portal. Hopefully, I'll be migrating the app to some online DB service (Amazon RDS or Amazon Aurora) so that you can directly access the webapp.

I'll keep adding links to other works as and when something is available to be displayed.