I’ve implemented the weboptions function. I also added relevant comments wherever needed, including the code of first evaluation. This completes the second phase evaluation task, i.e, implementing wiki_upload script and weboptions. There was an unprecendented delay of a week when I was trying to upload the images on the server. It would’ve given me a head start if I had completed the task without the delay, although I am still on the track. There’s one thing left, the help text that I wrote for weboptions isn’t being displayed when I issue help weboptions because it’s a Classdef and not function. Other than this, I feel the task has been executed correctly.

Coming to the next task, I plan to implement webread and webwrite function with MATLAB compatibilty. I think I can change wiki_upload script to be a generic one and then use it for both wiki and webwrite. This would help us extend it with any other functionality in the future.

Note that a few of the weboptions fields are currently for MATLAB compatibilty, as described in the previous post. Also, second phase evaluation will take place this week. Hoping for not giving Kai a chance to complain! :-)

Link to BitBucket repo.